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My journey as a blacksmith began in 1999 when I attended a weekend workshop at a local State park. I was mesmerized by the forging process, the rhythmic ring of the hammer meeting the anvil and the way iron became malleable when heated to a bright orange glow.   I have always been interested in the old ways of doing things,  the skills and crafts of our ancestors that allowed them to go into the wilderness and create a life for themselves, so blacksmithing was a natural choice for me.  I soon had my own hand crank forge, anvil, and post vise and started my education as a smith.

Now many years later I am still captivated by my work.  There is something magical about forging iron that strikes a chord deep within me.  Whether Iā€™m forging a knife, axe or frying pan I never tire of watching the iron transform under the careful guidance of my hammer.  Every day is a learning process and I seek the lessons the iron and fire have to teach me.  My goal as a craftsman is not only to create beautiful objects but to master these ancient techniques.  I want to know that I could stand shoulder to shoulder with a Blacksmith of 200 years ago and keep pace.  It is also important to me that I share this acquired knowledge with others and so I take every opportunity to teach that comes my way, whether it means bringing a youngster to my shop or demonstrating at craft fairs and festivals.

Although knives, axes, and woodworking tools are my favorite things to make I also create a variety of kitchenware, home decor, fireplace tools, and architectural iron.  Please check out my etsy store at to see what I have available.  If you are looking to have something custom made feel free to contact me.  One of the greatest aspects of my work is collaborating with a customer to bring their idea to life!

Thank you for your interest!

Matthew Shirey, Blackmsith ā€“ Shira Forge